Getting Ready for Vacation

Well, we made it through our big band performance this weekend – my husband and daughter and I play in a band that had it’s first performance on Sunday since last August and we didn’t suck!


Even with all the nerves and worry, I still managed to drop a pound over the weekend and now I’m 3/10 lbs away from 60 lbs lost.  I’m hoping to hit that goal before we head out for vacation , but even if I don’t, I’m planning on enjoying myself.  I’m not planning on going crazy, but I plan to do lots of walking on this trip, so hopefully it will balance out the extra carbs.

Since we played on Sunday, I had to do split my cooking this weekend, so on Saturday I made the Tex Mex Casserole, and a batch of homemade Almond Joys which turned out very well.  On Sunday we put a pork shoulder in the smoker all day so we’d have pulled pork to eat the rest of the week.

This week I’ll mostly be shopping, packing and otherwise getting everything ready for our trip.  I’ll probably take a hiatus from blogging while we’re out and fill you all in on our adventures when we get back!

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