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Catch-up Saturday

Today was one of those Saturdays where we did nothing but run errands and catch up on IMG_1415things that we had been needing to get around to.  It was a highly productive day, but we spent an incredible amount of it sitting in traffic due to the nearby Iron Man festivities taking place all over town.

After hours of running around, E.J. and I decided to have some Paleo Pizza for dinner and settle in to some T.V. watching to catch up on one of our favorite shows, “Castle”, which will be having its final episode on Monday.  We’re sad to see it go, but it’s had a nice long run and I can’t wait to see what Nathan Fillion does next.

We’ve done pizza a couple of times since the paleo diet began, but we’ve never been super happy with the crust.  Typically I did a cauliflower or almond flour based crust, and it always ended up crumbly and never quite held the weight of the toppings the way I had hoped.  Tonight we tried this recipe from Primally Inspired, and had a MUCH better result. The crust was crispy but doughy, and honestly tasted and felt just like a regular thin crust pizza…. even if it was a little green from the avocado oil.  Brendon happened to be home for dinner and gave it 2 thumbs up also.  I think this will have to become my new standard.

IMG_1417.JPGI also had some leftover melted chocolate in the fridge that needed to be used, so I dropped in some of the natural no-sugar-added dried cherries we picked up at Pike Market in Seattle and made up a new chocolate “cluster” recipe with shredded coconut and tiny pecan pieces.  I can’t wait to try one later!

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