Around the World, Paleo Style

This weekend was another busy one – E.J. and I visited my alma mater, and walked around the Texas A&M campus all day yesterday before attending the Aggie game vs. New Mexico State.  It was a great day, and while our food options were definitely limited while on campus, we still managed to stay mostly Paleo and didn’t have any adverse effects from our choices (always a bonus).

So today was back to the Paleo prep routine, and I decided to go international with my selections for the week.

img_2071First, I started with some old favorites.  The Paleo TexMex Casserole from Popular Paleo isn’t exactly Mexican fare, but it’s got some lovely southwestern flavors, thanks to the sugar & corn-free taco seasoning, and is one of our earliest successes in the kitchen.

Then I went for another favorite (E.J. and Brendon both love this one) with some classic Indian flavors in the Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala from Today in Dietzville.  I paired this with roasted broccoli for our lunch packs. img_2069

Next, I went off the reservation a little bit and tried a couple of new recipes.  The first is a Cajun Cauliflower Casserole from Food Faith Fitness that turned out pretty well.  It didn’t set to solid pieces (I think I still had too much liquid in the tomato mixture) but it smells really good, so I am looking forward to trying this one for lunch.  I guess that one’s not technically international, but if you’ve ever been to Louisiana, it’s kinda like a whole other country…

img_2067Then I made a double-batch of these Gyro Meatballs from Paleo Cupboard.  The tzatziki sauce is really flavorful, even if it is a little runny, and the meatballs themselves are really good with the lamb and the lemon accents.  I served these with a side of Greek style green beans with Tomatoes from Greek Paleo.

For dinner tonight, we thawed some Italian Meat sauce I had frozen from a few months ago, and served it on top of roasted spaghetti squash with these really cool Garlic Breadsticks from Paleo Grubs.  Yum!

As a bonus dessert recipe, I highly recommend this German-style Paleo Apple Strudel recipe made with cassava flour.  It’s a little hard to work with, but the end result is fantastic.  I made this as a healthy alternative to the regular ones I made for my company potluck last week.

Bon Appetit!


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