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10 lbs, No Regrets

If you haven’t been following along on Paleo Marine’s blog, then you wouldn’t know that my 2 week absence from posting was because of a fabulous trip to Spain.  Spain – the land of hot chocolate & churros, crusty bread, pastries, paella, turrones, sangria, and the list goes on and on.  Interestingly enough, there were actually a lot of Paleo-friendly delicacies we enjoyed while we were there including the sliced Iberian hams, the potato “tortilla” omlettes, suckling pig, duck, steak, etc, but above all, I simply just ate too much of everything.  Yeah, all told the damage was about 10 lbs and a dress size up – but after 2 days of “normal” Paleo eating, things are already getting a little more comfortable.

Could I have done better while travelling?  Absolutely.  But my philosophy on travel (especially overseas) is to take the opportunity to experience as much local cuisine and culture as possible while I have the chance.  While I feel a little guilty about all of the carbs I managed to consume during those 11 days, I most certainly would have felt cheated if I had denied myself the opportunity to taste some of those amazing treats (sometimes twice!).

All in all, my choice to eat a Paleo diet is just that – my chosen “regular” eating method. I’ve been doing it so long now that anything else feels weird, and actually kinda uncomfortable.  I admit to having trouble sleeping, being really bloated, and having intestinal issues as a result of my binge, so honestly I was happy and ready to go back to my “normal” eating patterns upon returning.  I think that’s the beauty of where E.J. and I are now in our Paleo journey.  It’s not really a “thing” anymore – but is instead just “back to normal”.

That’s a pretty amazing thing all in itself…


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