Recommended Products

E.J. and I have tried lots of new products during our weightloss journey and personally recommend these to anyone who is interested:

This is my favorite cookbook so far.  Everything we’ve made so far has been absolutely fantastic, and we especially like the “bread” recipes like her famous sandwich bread, hamburger buns, and rosemary breadsticks.
This is a great introduction to the Paleo diet with full explanations for the rules from a dietitian.  The recipes are also simple and tasty, and it’s a great first book for someone just starting to learn how to cook this way.
Another great resource. Recipes are simple and tasty.
When I started transitioning to Paleo, this came highly recommended for all Paleo baking recipes because of the smooth texture. I completely agree – I’ve baked cakes, cookies, and breads with this stuff. It’s a bit pricey, but awesome.
This stuff is really amazing. Sounds terrible, but tastes like a slightly sweeter soy sauce, and is a great substitute for soy in Asian dishes
I LOVE teriyaki, and I really love having this in the fridge for a quick topper or marinade.
Check out just about any Paleo baking site and they’ll recommend these mini chocolate chips. They do still have some sugar in them, but not very much, and they are dairy free.
This is what I have been living on at work to keep hydrated. I really don’t like to drink plain water, and adding a packet of this crystallized lemon (no sugar or preservatives) has kept me sane.
I’m all about taking shortcuts when they make sense, and since I don’t use mayo that often anymore, it’s nice to purchase a product with a decent shelf life rather than make it myself. This isn’t sweet like Miracle Whip, but more like a standard mayo with a vinegar kick.
E.J. recently found this sauce at Lowe’s, of all places. It’s sweet and tangy and BBQ sauce awesomeness, but made with honey and apple cider vinegar. No refined sugar or other nasty ingredients.
One of the realities of weight loss, especially at our age, is loose skin. This seems to help tighten things up a bit.
I received this for Christmas 2015 and love it! It’s great for zucchini noodles, squash ribbons, and lots of other pasta-like dishes