Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken: The New Hotness

Well, it’s the end of January, and while I can’t say I was doing a full-fledged Whole 30 this year (it’s kind of our January tradition now), I can say that I did focus on getting back to the eating habits that had gone by the wayside over the holidays, including trying to eat Whole 30 compliant meals whenever possible and severely cutting down on my wine intake. And other than the one evening when I decided to enjoy a couple of glasses for a dinner party (and had the massive night sweats and headache the next morning as punishment), I can say I did a had a pretty good run. I’m down about 9 lbs (back into my pre-holiday range), am sleeping better, and feel much better in my clothes and about myself overall.

I was going back over old pictures earlier this month, and realized that it’s been 7 years now since we did our first Whole 30 and transitioned to a mostly Paleo diet… that’s a long time It’s also a TON of cooking. As most of my friends know, I’ve been accumulating favorite recipes to share over that time, and while it’s always nice to have reliable standards to lean on, I do have a tendency to slide into food boredom if I don’t continue to try new things.

Last night, my friends, I struck gold. It’s incredibly simple, versatile, quick, Whole 30 compliant, and all kinds of yum. The 5-star ratings in the comments are totally legit, and I can’t wait to make this again and try it with some of the other suggestions. For my initial run, I served it in a bowl with homemade guacamole and sauteed/caramelized onions, peppers and portobello mushroom slices. But I could see using it as a topping for stuffed avocados, putting it with Mexican cauli-rice, or just putting it in a Siete tortilla for a fancy Taco Tuesday. Anyway, it’s so rare that I find something that hits all the marks, I just had to share. Enjoy!

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