About Sherry & E.J.


Sherry and her husband E.J. decided they’d been big people long enough in Summer 2015. Their kids had just flown the nest, and they had spent the last several years living on mostly restaurant food, home-cooked comfort foods (lots of E.J.’s Hungarian and Italian family favorites), and baked goods (Sherry’s famous among friends for her baking).

Sherry has been on and off many diets for much of her life – always one of the bigger girls, she was resigned that she was simply meant to be that way.  E.J. had been thin as a child and in the military, but after retirement hadn’t really compensated for the desk job life after being active for so many years.  They had had some success with weight loss in 2009, but 6 years later most of the weight had returned for both.

On September 1, they started with a Whole 30 (http://whole30.com) and transitioned afterward into a Paleo and then Primal diet.  Overall, Sherry has lost about 65 lbs and E.J. has lost more than 150!

While there’s tons of material out there about the benefits of clean eating, there’s not as much information about the mental aspect of a change like this.  What is it like to do this long  term?  What do you do once you’ve met your weight goals?  How do you reconcile your new eating habits with traditions and social gatherings?  Do you really think you can do this the rest of your life?

The aim of this blog is not to tell anyone what to eat or how to live, but rather to give insight into the day-to-day lessons, challenges, and victories that we are experiencing on our journey to better health, and hopefully a longer life together.  Because in the end, it’s all about recognizing all of the good in our lives – our friends, family, and especially our time shared together – and wanting to hold onto it as long as we can.

One thought on “About Sherry & E.J.

  1. Wow, you both look so great! I think it’s so awesome when couples work together on goals like you two have. I also love that you support each other’s blogs. I came here from PaleoMarine (EJ’s blog — also did not know that was your name! lol I just thought of you as your blog name). I think I will be here more often though because soon I will be cooking like 100X more than usual because I’ll be back with my boyfriend :)) We are trying to eat healthier together. It seems that we eat healthy when we are apart, but every time we get together it’s s’mores for dessert like every night lol. So yeah, you know I’ll be back :))


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