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Rainy Days

We’ve had overcast skies now since yesterday morning, and today it’s actively drizzling. I don’t know if it’s because of the disappointment at losing 2 people in our I.T. department this week, or if it’s the lack of sunshine, but my craving for sweets and/or snacks has been absolutely out of control since yesterday.  As far as I’ve come, I think I could still sit down with a box of Thin Mints and finish both sleeves without breaking a sweat right now.

Ok, I probably would break a sweat as my stomach did somersaults afterward, but you get what I mean.  I’m tired and a tiny bit depressed, and just want something to make me feel better.   I can’t even go for a walk in the sun, which typically helps for some reason when I’ve got cravings.

Of course, when it gets bad like this, I lean on my hubby, if not directly, then at least in spirit.  Wouldn’t he be disappointed it me?  I would probably feel guilty as hell about it and have a stomach ache to boot.  And he would have no sympathy either.  Damn it.

Ok, new plan.  Obviously wallowing in whatever this is and giving into cravings isn’t healthy behavior.  And whatever leftovers they just said are sitting in the breakroom for anyone who wants some probably aren’t all that good anyway.  So, I’m going to get up from my desk and find someplace where I can do some stretching.  Not for long, but just long enough to refocus and try to dig into a project that will keep my mind occupied for the rest of the afternoon.  Hopefully I can make it through the rest of the day and not do something stupid.

FOLLOW UP:  I ended up finding a quiet room for some good stretching, and then walking down 8 floors in the stairwell and coming back up.  My thighs are burning a bit, but now my heart rate is up, I’ve got a fresh glass of ice water with lemon, and I’m ready to tackle the afternoon.  Yay, willpower!

One thought on “Rainy Days

  1. Keep your mind busy. Even if it means taking a mental break from work and just reading something entertaining or interesting for a little bit. Whenever I’m hit with some sort of depression or boredom cravings, keeping my mind occupied seems to help a lot.

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