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Paleo f(x) & Memorial Day Meal

Tonight it took me until after 8:30 to get home from work due to more massive flooding on the north side of Houston.  I don’t mind flooding when I’m cozy and comfy at home, but there should be a rule against flooding at rush hour when I just want to get home.

Sigh, at least my car made it one piece – there were plenty of others I saw along the way that weren’t so lucky.

Anyway, this past Memorial Day weekend was awesome, as expected.  Not only did we get to go to Paleo f(x) and try all kinds of new paleo friendly foods, but we had another successful get-together with friends who enjoyed some new  recipes I tried out on them.

We grilled sugar & nitrate free sausage from Bellville Meat Market and served it with this Sweet Potato Salad with Avocado Pesto from FoodFaithFitness and Watermelon Salad with Basil Ginger Dressing from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.  Both of these recipes were a little outside of my comfort zone when imagining the ingredients together, but the resulting dishes were very tasty.

I also tried a recipe from this month’s Paleo magazine called Bacon Peach Crunch which involved a bed of bacon with peaches and honey covered in walnuts… definitely interesting, but I think if I make it again, I’ll use unsmoked bacon as it recommends.

As for Paleo f(x), here are some of the awesome foods we tried and purchased because of how awesome they are:

Check them out, and if you’re interested, I have some coupon codes for discounts off of many of the items.

Stay dry, everyone!!

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