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Evil Applesauce Cake

Ok, maybe it’s not fair to say it’s evil – in fact, it’s one of the moistest, most awesomest Paleo desserts I’ve had to date, but I’m having to officially take this off of the “make again” list.

If you’re looking for a paleo dessert you can wow your non-paleo friends with, here’s the recipe:  Paleo Applesauce Cake

Here’s why I’m not making it again:

This cake is officially Paleo and it follows all of the guidelines defined in the rules, but it makes my blood sugar go through the roof. I made this cake last Sunday as part of my weekly ritual of experimentation, and the immediate result was absolutely beautiful.  It’s golden brown and pretty with the apple slices sticking up through the top.  It slices like a crumbly, wheat bread-like consistency and melts in your mouth with every honey-laden bite.  But that’s the problem – I think there’s just too much sweet here.  It’s not that it really tastes over the top sweet, but within 10-15 mins of eating a small portion, I started feeling jittery, and then later bloated.  It was even worse when I ate it with breakfast rather than dinner, and E.J. reported a similar reaction.

One of the strange byproducts of going Paleo is that you start to recognize the effects of high-sugar food & drink and they’re not very pleasant.  It’s like taking a cough syrup, or pseudoephedrine, or some other medication that makes your pulse race and your muscles twitchy…. I just hate that feeling.

I guess it’s just one more way my body is telling me what I already know.  Sugar is the devil!!



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