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Purple Dress Progress Pics

I first started trying on dresses when I hit size 16W back in October because I was so excited about being a size smaller.  Dresses never looked very good on me, and I was excited that I actually had a waist that was starting to curve in the right direction.

Purple also happens to be one of my favorite colors, so when I saw the dress in my size, I had to try it on.  Fast forward a few months, and I’ve tried on a lot of purple dresses.  This shows dresses at 16, 14 and the last one is me today in a size 10.  I lost the size 12 photo to a phone fiasco that involves a washing machine… don’t ask.  But needless to say, the I’ve been using the purple dresses as a yard stick for my weight loss since we started last September and I love seeing the difference my efforts are making.

I’m about 9 lbs from my original goal.  I think when I get there, I’ll have to actually buy a purple dress after I try it on and take that last photo.


3 thoughts on “Purple Dress Progress Pics

  1. Progress pictures are kind of fun. I have been keeping a series since I started, and when I look back, it’s funny how I felt so much slimmer 50 or even 60 lbs heavier than I am now and I never imagined I would get to where I am now. Your progress has been amazing, and I’m super-proud of you!!! I can’t wait for you to add more photos to the series.

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