E.J. is out of town this weekend visit a cousin who’s recovering from surgery, so that leaves me in the kitchen alone… well except for Buddy who misses him and keeps putting bones and toys on my feet while I work.

But generally speaking when E.J. is gone, that’s an opportunity for me to try dishes that wouldn’t typically rate as his favorites, like waffles.  I wrote about the fantastic pancake recipe we’ve been using on Saturday mornings and that’s definitely E.J.’s preference, but there’s just something about the crispy waffle that really does it for me.  So today I decided to try out this Almond Butter Blueberry Waffle recipe from Ambitions Kitchen.

All I can say is Yum!  I made them just the same way IMG_1422I would have done a regular waffle in my Belgian iron, and the outside was crispy with a soft inside.  It completely satisfied the expectation… and it’s Paleo!!  I followed the recipe exactly (except for the part about 1/2 a waffle being a serving) and instead of regular honey or syrup on top, I drizzled this Orange Cinnamon Honey we picked up at Pike’s Market in Seattle.  It’s REALLY yummy, and complimented the blueberries and cinnamon in the waffles very well.

I’m stuffed from eating more than I should, but I’m happy and ready to start my day.  I’ve got lots of errands to run, and I’ve got plans to meet up with friends later tonight.

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