This Week’s Winners

This week I tried two new dishes for Sunday – Sweet Potato Buffalo Chicken Casserole from Paleo Leap and Paleo Swedish Meatballs from Plated with Style.

On the casserole, I ended up doing a half & half sauce with half Frank’s Red Hot and half Bone Suckin’ BBQ sauce.  The flavor on this is absolutely amazing – we all really enjoyed it, but the sweet potatoes didn’t cook through all the way, so I would suggest chopping them pretty small (like half inch cubes).   I will most definitely try this one again, but next time I’ll probably do 3 lbs of chicken, and only 3 large sweet potatoes so there’s a little more protein.  All in all though, this one is total win.

The meatballs were also really good – pan fried in bacon grease with all of those pieces of onion and garlic… MMM!!!  The sauce was a bit thin, so when I do this one again, I think I’ll add more tapioca to thicken it up a bit more.  I added mushrooms to my sauce and felt it needed some extra garlic salt to really bring out the sauce flavor.

I’m really glad to have the pre-made meals again this week – the new job has me heading for the office early and leaving late, so it’s nice to not have to feel like I’ve got to scramble to make dinner when I get home.

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