This Year’s Cool Kitchen Gifts

Obviously one of the big changes that comes with a Paleo lifestyle is the increased time spent in the kitchen each week.  Fortunately, many of my family, friends and neighbors recognized this a great opportunity to give me some helpful kitchen tools and gadgets I can’t wait to use.

This year I got:

  • A beautiful kitchen towel embroidered with “Our Daily Bacon” from one of our neighbors that frequents the blog.  She’s been helping her husband with his blood sugar by preparing more Paleo meals, and E.J. and I are thrilled to be a part of that positive change
  • New cutting board, silicone cupcake & loaf pans from my sweet son
  • A really nice assortment of natural salts and a cooking class from our friends Kenny & Elaine
  • A great new Paleo Chocolate Lovers cookbook from friends Steve and Anita
  • New kitchen shears, an All-Clad dish towel, a strawberry corer, and an herb grinder/chopper from my mom

I also received gifts of beautiful and soft scarves, earrings, and other accessories that I now tend to wear more often because of the weight loss – it seems like I’m always cold in stores and restaurants now.  Also got a some great workout socks and a workout shirt for my morning runs.

I feel so very blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive circle of family and friends!

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