Good Eats

E.J. is always saying on Paleo Marine that the secret to sticking with Paleo is the tasty meals.  I happen to agree with him, and while I certainly enjoy looking forward to a tried and true favorite dish, I do enjoy trying new things and blazing new culinary trails.

This weekend, I ventured into the world of cast iron cooking, and found two new favorites to add to the list:

  • Paleo Fruit Crisp – This month’s Paleo Magazine has a recipe for a skillet fruit crisp that I modified to use up some of those lovely strawberries and blueberries I mentioned in my last post.  The resulting dish was not only delicious, but very pretty, and held up well to a dollop of coconut milk ice cream.  I’ll post the steps I used in another post this week.
  • Caveboy Casserole – This gem from Our Paleo Life (minus the olives) was another surprise win.  This one-dish meal packs lots of veggies and flavor together for a really enjoyable meal.  I had some of this for lunch on my cook day today, and look forward to having again for meals this week.

Since E.J. just finished up his first drill weekendIMG_2666 in the Guard this weekend, I decided to make him a special Sunday meal with one of his favorites – stuffed fish, Paleo style.  I have tried stuffed flounder, tilapia, and others in the past, but this Crab Stuffed Tilapia from FitChicLA is by far my new favorite.  It’s not difficult to throw together and makes a very pretty meal.

E.J. said it’s one of the best Paleo meals he’s had so far, so we’ll definitely have to make it again sometime.


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