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…And We’re Back

E.J. and I had a lovely vacation last week full of adventures.  As a direct result of all of our weight loss, we were getting up early every morning and pretty much going non-stop until bedtime.  E.J. had so much energy that he was literally running across streets and up hills, and through forest trails.  I had to push to keep up with him, and that’s definitely a first for our vacations.

Here’s a short list of things we saw and did:

  • Ate salmon for breakfast (multiple times)
  • Had AMAZING sushi and Indian food
  • Visited lots of awesome Seattle museums like the EMP Museum, the Museum of Flight and the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum
  • Had dinner in the Space Needle
  • Got a tour of the Boeing plant and watched airplanes being built
  • Walked all the levels of Pike Market and visited the Gum Wall and the Fairmont Troll
  • Watched an Improv show
  • Sang in a Karaoke bar
  • Watched (and E.J. participated in) a Can-can/burlesque show – be sure to ask him about this one!
  • Took a horse-drawn carriage ride tour of Stanley Park
  • Shopped all the stores on Granville Island
  • Walked across the Capilano Suspension Bridge and across all of the platforms and trails in the park
  • Took a Seaplane tour above Vancouver
  • Rode the gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain
  • Walked and played in the snow (and threw snowballs)
  • Visited the waterfalls along the Sea-to-Sky highway
  • Visited Whistler
  • Watched F-18s fly overhead as we drove across Whidbey Island and enjoyed the views of the ocean

13055420_10206166732316386_1108829993677692875_nWe consciously decided that we would allow ourselves to go off-diet on the trip, though we tried to stick with some of our good habits like avoiding sugary drinks and breads at mealtimes and trying not to snack during the day.  Still, we found ourselves choosing to try some local desserts (there were some irresistible chocolate and cobbler-like desserts) and delicacies like poutine and fried pork belly.


As expected, we gained weight on the trip, but oddly enough we were both ready to get back to our regular diet by the time the week was over, and we’re both within a couple of pounds already today of being where we were before we left.  I consider that a win.

We flew back Saturday, so I spent Sunday doing laundry, unpacking, and making chili and an Enchilada Bake along with some Sweet Potato Bites for lunches this week.

I’m also starting a new role this week with a lot more responsibility, so I’m happy to have my lunches completely covered so I don’t have to leave the office to eat well… yay for planning ahead!

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